2019 Awarded CERFA members

The first Call of the Traineeship UAM-CERFA Programme was on 2019, where CERFA members had  the possibility of acting as host supervisor of Bachelor and Master students from the School of Science Universidad Autónoma of Madrid – UAM. These students were awarded with an Erasmus+ Placement scholarship.

In that call, CERFA, sponsored by Fundación Ramón Areces, supported this program with the CERFA-FUNDACION RAMÓN ARECES stipend, that included an extra month allowance and a career development course.

The scientists, CERFA members, that acted as hosts for the UAM students on the 2019 call were: 

  • Dr. Eva Blasco
    • Institution: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Karlsruhe. Germany
    • Project: Novel Materials for 3D and 4D Printing at the Micro- and Nanoscale
    • Duration of the traineeship: 3 months


  • Dr. Lucía Pita Galán
    • Institution: Geomar Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research. Kiel. Germany
    • Project: Establishment of gnotobiotic sponges and recolonization with native bacteria
    • Duration of the traineeship: 2.5 months


  • Dr. Pablo Lodeiro
    • Institution: Geomar Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research. Kiel. Germany
    • Project: Organic Matter-Metal Interactions In The Ocean
    • Duration of the traineeship: 4 months


All hosts answered in our survey:

  • -they were very satisfied with 2019 CERFA-UAM Training Programme
  • -and they highly recommend (9.8 out of 10) to other scientists to participate in the Programme
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