These are the 10 CERFA members that this year host a total of 12 students of science from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) and Universidad de Castilla la Mancha (UCLM) as part of our 2023 CERFA Traineeship Programme. To further aid to develop the careers of these students, CERFA awards them with a travel grant and a workshop in career exploration (more information here).

We thank our host CERFA members for providing the students with this opportunity and hope that the students can make the best out of their international experience.

  • Dr. Ana del Arco Ochoa
    • Student: Samuel Donaire Carpio (UAM)
    • Institution: Uni Konstanz, Limological Institute
    • Project: Virophage inhibition trait changes against viral infections
  • Dr. Araceli de Pablos Martín
    • Student: Daniel Holgado Espejo (UAM)
    • Institution: Wilhelm Dyckerhoff Institut (WDI) – Dyckerhoff GmbH-Buzzi Unicem
    • Project: Contributing to reduce the CO2 emissions in the cement industry
  • Dr. Carmen Villacañas de Castro
    • Student: Olga García Santos (UAM)
    • Institution: Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
    • Project: “Characterisation of breeding and resting sites of mosquitoes”
    • Dr. Celia Escudero Hernández  
      • Student: Sara Núñez Torvisco (UAM)
      • Institution: Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology (IKMB)
      • Project: Modifications in enteric fibroblast and neuronal phenotypes during inflammatory bowel disease
    • Dr. Celia Escudero Hernández  
      • Student: Antonio Rodriguez Peña (UCLM)
      • Institution:Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology (IKMB)
      • Project: “Collagenous colitis is triggered by microbial infiltration, which provokes collagen deposition in the colonic mucosa
    • Dr. Iker Irisarri  
      • Student: Cenaida Largo Rubio (UAM)
      • Institution: Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change
      • Project: Phylogenomics of cryptic passerine birds (Certhia treecreepers)
    • Dr. Iker Irisarri  
      • Student: Álvaro Muñoz Sánchez (UAM)
      • Institution: Leibniz Institute for the Analysis of Biodiversity Change
      • Project: Genome assembly of the redlip blenny (Ophioblennius macclurei)
    • Dr. Inmaculada Martinez Reyes  
      • Student: Maria Villoro Agud (UAM)
      • Institution: Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, Berlin
      • Project: “Identifying cancer metabolic genes driving T cell dysfunction
    • Dr. Maite Ogueta Gutierrez
      • Student: Daniel Sánchez Calera (UAM)
      • Institution: Institute for Neuro and Behavioral Biology. WWU Münster
      • Project: “Role of GABAergic neurons in the regulation of the circadian clock of the fruit fly
      • Dr. Marta Méndez Couz
        • Student: Carmen Sanchez Macias (UCLM)
        • Institution:  WW Universitaet Muenster. Uniklinikum Muenster
        • Project: “Sex-differences in regional brain activity following fear extinction and retrieval in the mouse model NPSR-i107N
      • Dr. Pablo Echevarria Fernandez
        • Student: Diego Alejandro Moreno Ramos (UAM)
        • Institution:  Institute Science and Technology of Accelerating Systems (Helmhoz Zentrum Berlin)
        • Project: “Traineeship on particle acceleration structures at Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin
      • Dr. Silvia Moreno Pinilla 
        • Student: Alejandro Gonzalez Vivancos (UCLM)
        • Institution: Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research
        • Project: “Physico-chemical study of novel polymeric artificial organelles
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