In many scientific fields there are a lot more female than male students. Statistically, women also outnumber their male colleagues as PhD students in many fields, but unfortunately these ratios do not extend to professorships. It is a fact that diversity is a key to success and the lack of gender diversity constitutes a problem that grows as one goes up in the scale.

Numbers do not lie. Even if the number of women involved in science has significantly increased, only the 28% of researchers are female (according to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics). The percentage is even lower at leading positions in R&D and/or academia. Unfortunately, women are still underrepresented in science.

The motivation of our Symposium is to highlight the need for women in science and to provide the scenario to think and discuss about topics such as gender perspective (inequality?), historical perspective researchers in “History of Women in Science” , personal experiences of successful scientists in the past and in the present , current cutting-edge topics of research, role models of success in academia and industry and career planning related to mentoring programs.

Are you interested? Please join us by registering HIER and see you the 20th June 2016 at 13:00 in der Haus der Universität in Düsseldorf.


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