Did you know that what our moms ate programmed our brains?

  • Why are people still eating the same fat differently? Would you think the brain controls the metabolism?
  • Are we aware of the implications of obesity?
  • Do we know and take care of what we eat?
  • What role does the food industry play in our nutrition?

If you are interested in these questions see the Cultural Center Antonio Machado Cologne (Severinsmühlengasse 1, 50678) next Saturday May 6, 10:00-11:30. The Society of Spanish Scientists in Germany (CERFA) organises an informative talk for all kinds of audiences, in which Dr. Alain J. De Solis, of the Max Planck Institute for Metabolism and Alberto tables of the Deutsches Diabetes Zentrum, two specialized scientists In brain control over metabolism and nutrition, we will talk about the implications of obesity in our health and that of our children, as well as nutrition and the role of the food industry in our diet.

There is no limit of places, so please feel free to invite any interested person. At the end there will be a little snack for the attendees.

a success!

Thank you Dr. Alain J. de Solís and Alberto Mesas for the interesting papers and thanks to all who came and part with your questions. It was a pleasure to take you a little bit of the science we do CERFA_NRW scientists.
If you were interested in Alberto's talk about nutrition, you can follow him on his page: nutrievidence.wordpress.com

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