The Cerfa-Bremen and Lower Saxony delegation together with the Instituto Cervantes organize the cycle of debates "science at the Instituto Cervantes". This new format aims to promote the dissemination of the most topical research through a debate between German and Spanish expert scientists from renowned research institutes.

The first debate took place on Tuesday 8 March in Haus der Wissenchaft in Bremen, with the theme "Robotics in Space exploration".

Cerfa wants to thank all the attendees for participating in the event.

Of course the event would not have been possible without the collaboration of the Instituto Cervantes of Bremen, and especially without the speakers.

For more photos of the event, you can visit the Instituto Cervantes Facebook page in Bremen, here. Https://

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From left to right: Dr. Ing. José de Gea (DFKI), Zoe Falomir (Cerfa-Bremen), José Antonio Rodríguez Manfredi (CSIC/INTA/CAB and NASA), Ignacio Martínez-Castignani (Director Cervantes Bremen), Prof. Quant-Brandt (Senator of Science, Health and Consumer Protection in Bremen), Prof. Frank Kirchner (Director DFKI), Raphaël Lescouzères (OHB, moderator).

IC Bremen Step 3-2

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