The Bavarian Chapter of the Society of Spanish Researchers in Germany

PHOTON is where Science meets Arts,
where the concept of beauty is redefined, where your creativity will make you win. Make a click & take a photon!

Photon is an open scientific photography contest organized by the Bavarian Chapter of the Society of Spanish Researchers in Germany (CERFA). The aim is to fuse science and arts in order to bring the civil society and the scientific community closer together. The secret beauty of science will be unveiled and your creativity will make you win.

You are a researcher that does not know where to put all those cool images that you took from a neuron cell; you have never been a scientist but you know how to capture a scientific milestone; your brain is scientific but your heart is artistic or vice versa; you have been just in the right moment and in the right place. Do not hesitate, make a click & take a photon!

The submitted photos will be judged by an interdisciplinary panel of artists, scientists and members of scientific agencies. The selected ones will be exhibited and the best ones will be awarded with great prizes. Please read carefully the guidelines in order to participate.

AWARDS: 1x Polaroid Instant Snap, 1x Professional Photo-Shoot & 2x Cinema+Cocktail-for-2!

DEADLINE: 21.03.17 at 00:00 CET.


#Best Photon 2017

#In-science: photos acquired for or during a scientific research activity.

#Out-science: scientific photos from a non-research perspective (humanistic, artistic, spontaneous, etc.)

#Popular Prize

EXHIBITION: Salon Irkutsk, Isabellastraße 4, 80798 München, from 29th March to 11th April.


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