Cerfa is maintained thanks to the donations of the collaborators and the share of the members of the Society. Without these contributions we would see our activities very small and we could not carry out all the projects that we are continually creating so that you can enjoy.

When you become a member you will have the right to vote in the internal elections, besides enjoying many advantages and price reductions in activities organized by the company (even zero cost).

Because of all this your grain of sand matters, how do you do it? Very easy! Take note:

The annual fee is 12 euros for students (grade or master), unemployed and predoctoral investigators; and 24 euros for all others (postdocs, PIs, etc.).

Bank data are:

Beneficiary: Cerfa
IBAN: DE44260400300613623800
Concept: Name surnames Fee

You decide when to pay it, but to enjoy any of the above privileges, you must be aware of the current year's payment.

Thank you so much for helping us to keep growing

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