What our mothers ate programmed our brains

by Cerfa North Rhein Westphalia

6th May, from 10:00h to 11:30h, in Colónia

CERFA_NRW organizes an informative talk where two specialists in brain control on metabolism and nutrition, Dr. Alain J. de Solis (Max Planck Institute of Metabolism) and Alberto Mesas (German Center for Diabetes), will discuss the implications of the Obesity in our health and that of our children, as well as nutrition and the role of the food industry in our diet.

Objective: To bring scientific knowledge closer to the population and to answer questions that affect society. Facilitate communication with CERFA_NRW partners and promote their research in an informative manner.

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Place: Centro Cultural Antonio Machado
Severinsmühlengasse 1, 50678 Colónia

More information at: https://cerfanrw.wordpress.com/

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