• febrero 4, 2018 - febrero 27, 2018
    8:00 am - 7:00 pm


Natalia Pérez Galdós

They’re the vineyards of meteors,
the subways of sapphires.
On the plateaus the toy soldier
sleeps in clothing of tin.

Copper establishes its crimes
in the unburied darkness
charged with green matter,
and in the accumulated silence
the destructive mummies sleep on.

Minerals V – Canto General 

Pablo Neruda

27.02.2018  @ 19h

Photo exhibition and conference. https://polyhedra.eu/exhibitions/µtectonics-of-war

Max Planck Institute for Human Development
Lentzealle 94, Berlin, 14195, Germany

Vernissage with the artist and a presentation of Prof. Javier Ordonez
Followed by a musical performance of Dr. Ryan Guterman

In Partnership with 
Max Planck Institute for Human Development


and DAAD

Thanks to the support of Fundacion Ramon Areces


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